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Are you looking for more customers for your online store? You have come to the right place! 

We will increase your store’s online visibility through SEO services for E-commerce This involves optimization of your e-store with various techniques and tactics. Our SEO services help your website rank top on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Ranking higher on Google results is significant for your site. SEO services help you attract potential traffic as well as enhance your online reputation. 

Ecommerce SEO
SEO Services for E-commerce
SEO Services for E-commerce

What are SEO Services for E-commerce?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website store which helps you in enhancing your website visibility. In addition, our SEO specialists use multiple strategies to make your website more credible and SERP-friendly

SEO for E-commerce includes a wide variety of strategies and services. Some of these are mentioned below. 

Overview of SEO Services for E-commerce Business 

ServiceDescription of Services
On-Page OptimizationOptimisation of meta titles, descriptions, and content.
Keyword ResearchComprehensive Keyword research helps in search engine ranking
Technical SEOWe focus on optimizing other technical aspects like crawlability and site speed. 
Content CreationMaking high-quality content posts like blogs and guide posts. 
Link BuildingBuilding backlinks from authentic websites. 
Local SEOOptimisation of your website for local traffic. 
Monitoring and ReportingMonitoring your website’s SEO performance using various tools. We also provide you updates regarding the status of your site. 
SEO Important for E-commerce

Why is SEO important for E-commerce?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for the e-commerce industry. SEO helps businesses drive traffic and build authenticity. It is cost-efficient and works best with local businesses. Moreover, effective SEO strategies increase the likelihood of conversion.

SEO plan is a long-term game. If done well, it can give you the following benefits.

  • SEO enables you to tailor your content according to your target audience searches. It will lead to enhanced engagement and better conversion rates.
  • It also improves a brand’s credibility in the industry. If their website is on the top of SERP, it will build their website authority. 

       In sum, SEO brings out the following 5 benefits:

  1. Elevated Visibility
  2. Improved User Interface
  3. Higher ROI
  4. Increased Reputation
  5. Enhanced Organic Traffic
SEO Important for E-commerce
Ecommerce Business on Shopify
Ecommerce Business on Shopify

SEO Services for Ecommerce Business on Shopify

When you are choosing an SEO specialist, you need to select the one who is best in all areas with the best SEO strategies. You don’t hire someone who is a newbie and experiments with your website. At our SEO agency for e-commerce, we have some of the best and most effective Shopify solutions for you!

We understand that Shopify is the leading and top-ranking site. We take pride in offering the following SEO Services:

  • Online Store Audit
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link Building

7 Stage Process we follow for Ecommerce Site’s SEO

We follow the following strategic plan for improving your search engine ranking. Here is the seven-step process we follow.


1. SEO Audit of E-commerce Site

SEO experts conduct an in-depth audit of your website. This audit helps us in assessing the performance of your e-store, and it includes the following; 

  • Technical SEO: It covers website speed, mobile optimization, and indexability. This ensures that the website is suitable and fully optimized for SERP. Moreover, we evaluate the technical components of your website as they directly impact your search engine ranking. 
  • Product page Analysis: We check the keyword relevancy and quality. This analysis is based on the inspection of meta tags, internal links, images, and headings. 
  • Off-page Analysis: Analysing your off-page SEO helps us improve your website authority and reputation. This includes all the relevant external factors. Like using backlinks from trusted sources and building an online reputation. 
  • Content Analysis: We inspect the content relevancy and structure a plan for further optimization. We check our website content for quality and depth. 

2. Discussion with Your Team

We structure an effective plan for optimizing your website after a detailed discussion with your team. We may ask you about your targeted location, targeted audiences, and SERP intent.


3. On-Page SEO for Ecommerce Site

While optimizing the On-page SEO for your ecommerce website, we work on the following points:

  • SERP intent is understood, and analysis is done to carry out properly.
  • Content structure to fill the content gaps, if there are any.  
  • Extensive keyword research both manually and through tools. 
  • Keyword mapping and structuring a layout. 
  • Insertion of images and alt text. 
  • Making sure the content is engaging and unique.
  • Making content mobile-friendly.
  • Carrying out the Snippet optimization.
  • Covering the focused keywords and highlighting important points.
  • Including relevant links. 
  • URL optimization. 
  • Optimisation of content.
  • Meta title and description through Google optimization tool.

4. Local SEO for Ecommerce Site

For Local SEO, we work on the following pointers:

  • It is important to include backlinks from high-authority websites for search engine ranking.
  • We focus on monitoring your Google My Business.
  • We promote content by targeting your audience through blogs, social media engagement, and websites.
  • Customer feedback and testimonials are also important to build an online reputation within the local audiences.
Local SEO for Ecommerce Site

5. Technical Ecommerce SEO

While optimizing your website for technical SEO, we consider the following points: 

  • Comprehensive site mapping in XML for seamless navigation.
  • Optimization of site accessibility and crawlability through precise robots.txt configuration.
  • Structured data implementation for website relevancy and appearance in search results.
  • Strategic and efficient use of HTML tags to maximize SEO impact.
  • Optimisation of your website structure.
  • Mobile friendliness of the website. 
  • Website security and protection.
  • Removing broken links for seamless browsing.

6. Site Speed Optimization for Mobile and Desktop

To improve the site speed of your website, we work on the following pointers: 

  • First Content full Paint
  • Total Blocking Time
  • Speed Index
  • Largest Content full Paint
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

7. Link Building Services

To enhance the off-page SEO, we work on the following pointers:

  • We write high-quality content that gets natural backlinks.
  • We use platforms like HARO to write high-quality content for other websites to get backlinks.
  • We assist in finding and fixing broken links from highly authoritative domains related to your industry.
  • We collaborate with niche-specific publishers and bloggers to bring organic traffic.
  • We excel in strategically placing new backlinks within existing content to optimize SEO, leveraging niche edits from relevant site owners or specific blog posts.
  • We encourage you to build partnerships in your industry with industry leaders.

Tools and Extensions We Utilize for SEO

We use the following tools and extensions for making a strategy for your Ecommerce website. These tools help us to optimize your website properly and enhance your potential traffic, reputation, and Google ranking. 

Tools and Extensions for SEO

BuzzsumoSEO Meta in 1 Click
Quetext Ahref Premium
Moz ProGrammarly Premium
Keywords EverywhereGoogle Page speed Insights
SEO QuakeGoogle Rich Results Testing Tool
Google Snippet Optimization Tool 
Reason to Work

10 Reasons to Work with Us

Our SEO agency for Ecommerce is dedicated to delivering timely and consistent results. We understand that there is tough competition within the e-commerce business. Read below to understand what distinguishes us from other SEO agencies. 

  1. A dedicated manager will inspect every aspect of your  SEO campaign. We keep you involved and informed. 
  2. We keep an eye on Google updates, as these updates are very effective in ruling the search engine ranking.
  3.  We strictly follow Google guidelines
  4. Our professionals ensure quality work by keeping a sharp eye on current SEO trends. 
  5. We focus on relevancy. Our experts create content that is relevant to your audience’s interest and intent. 
  6.  Data leveraging is a significant part of SEO which gives us detailed insight into your site.
  7.  We are deadline-oriented and are committed to excellence and delivering the best results within the deadlines. 
  8. We carry out in-depth research and custom strategies for every customer. 
  9. Our  SEO agency uses white-hat tactics to ensure ethical practices of SEO.
  10. Our SEO services are accessible to everyone. Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, we are here to provide you with excellent services in affordable packages.

Expected Result for Investing in SEO for the E-commerce Industry?

If you are investing in SEO, it will result in organic growth. According to Statista, almost 33% of search engine traffic to ecommerce sites comes from organic search.  Moreover, SEO generates long-term results as compared to other marketing trends. The Return On Investment (ROI) of SEO depends on the competition. However, a good rule of thumb is to expect to see a 3-5x return on your investment within a year. 

Below are some short-term and long-term advantages you can expect if you are investing in SEO Services.  

Benefits of Investing in SEO 

Short-Term BenefitsLong-Term Benefits
Increased website traffic and potential customersCost-effective marketing 
Better conversion ratesBrand authority
Enhanced local visibility Sustainable growth
Expected Result for Investing in E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO: FAQs

SEO services for Ecommerce are tailored for search engine optimization of e-stores and shops. They help in enhanced visibility, engagement, and better conversion rates.

Yes, SEO works best for e-commerce websites and stores as it builds a brand’s credibility. In addition, it is very cost-effective as compared to other marketing tactics.

SEO can boost e-commerce sales by improving website visibility on search engines. It attracts more organic traffic. Moreover, relevant keywords, optimized product pages, and better user experience increase the likelihood of sales.

It depends on the size of your business. SEO yields very effective and promising results. Investing in SEO for ecommerce sites is always very fruitful.

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In short, investing in SEO services for Ecommerce is always rewarding. SEO takes time, but once your website is fully optimized, you will notice the difference in sales and online traffic yourself! It is a significant process for sustainable growth and elevated brand credibility. 

Moreover, our SEO agency follows proper Google guidelines, white-hat tactics, and deadlines religiously. We modify and plan our services according to your business niche. 

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