How Much Does Plumber Make in 2024?

how much does plumber make

If you are currently a plumber or interested in joining this industry, you may be wondering  “How much does a plumber make in 2024?”. Today we are going to delve into the topic and try to dispel a few myths by uncovering why some plumbers earn more than others. 

According to Indeed, the average plumber in the United States makes $28.67 an hour at work, plus an additional $6,750 for overtime annually. This information is all based on a dataset of 20.6k reported salaries, and it was last updated on January 16, 2024.

How Much Does Plumber Make?

This table summarizes the average wages for plumbers based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly periods, along with the hourly pay for a Master Plumber in 2024.

Periodical Wages of a Plumber 

Timeframe Plumber Average Salary
Per Day $296
Per Week $1,095
Per Month $4,237
Per Year $59,849
Hourly Pay (Master Plumber, 2024) $31.17

How Do Plumbers Make Money?

How Do Plumbers Make Money

There are three main paths for plumbers to earn income: 

  1. Job
  2. Self-employ
  3. Start Plumbing Company

Let’s delve into each option in detail

1. Employment

Many plumbers choose to work as employees for plumbing companies as:

Associate Plumber

Plumbers generally start as an assistant working for a plumbing company. This is where they learn from experienced professionals, and work their way up to a more stable salary or hourly wage. The average starting pay is around $19.29 an hour but increases as they gain experience and certifications.

Corporate Plumbing

Big companies can also afford big salaries, as well as health, vision, and dental insurance, paid time off, and other benefits. This plumbing job mostly involves managing and overseeing and has an average salary of $74,832 per year. Mostly chain hardware stores, national service providers, and similar corporations hire them.

 2. Self Employment

Some plumbers choose self-employment that involves working as an independent contractor or freelancer.

Independent Contractors 

Some plumbers decide to go into business for themselves, working as independent contractors. Self-employed plumbers can choose to bid on projects. Also known as bidding, this involves charging clients a fee per job. 

It provides flexibility to self-employed plumbers, who can work on many projects at the same time, or take time off when needed. It also allows plumbers to focus on projects that they enjoy, or are skilled at.

 3. Start Their Own Business

Those who want to take their entrepreneurial spirit to the next level, choose to start a plumbing company. Plumber establish their own business through an online presence also and expand their business through various strategies such as;

Website Creation

The plumbers utilize a well-designed website that promotes their skills and builds trust in potential customers. They showcase their services, expertise, and past projects. As a result, more people inquire and make appointments.

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Local SEO

Local SEO

Through local search engine optimization, the plumbing service’s website appears in local searches when potential customers are looking for them. It increases the visibility and results in higher rates of inquiries.

Local search term-optimized content helps the plumber target only those looking to hire such services. 

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Social Media Presence

Plumbers also ensure social media presence to interact with the local community, and display their skills. From Facebook Instagram and other platforms, the plumbers share useful tips and success stories.

They also answer customer questions, and provide updates, thus building an interactive online presence. 

Direct advertising in these venues allows the plumber to attract new clients in specific demographics. Overall, SMM plays a vital role in brand building, positioning the plumber as a valued and recognized entity online.

 Skills that Affect Master Plumber Salaries

Skills Impact on Salary
Leadership ▲65%
Operations Management ▲30%
Team Leadership ▲15%
Maintenance ▲12%
Residential Project Estimating ▲8%
Project Management ▲5%
Blueprints ▲1%
Commercial ▲1%

Ways to Become a Master Plumber

Ways to Become a Master Plumber

There are two main ways :

  • One way is through studying at a technical school in town and moving up from jobs doing increasingly responsible work in plumbing.
  • Alternatively, people can become masters by starting as apprentices, learning, and gaining experience over time.

Median Salaries for Plumbers According to State and Experiential Level

In the United States, according to Payscale following trends are observed for the average wage:

  • For entry-level employees, the base annual salary is $49,100 or $23.61 per hour.
  • Those with two to four years of experience have an average salary of $59,500, which is $28.61 an hour.
  • At the upper stage, which is defined as having 4 to 6 years of experience, the average salary is $64,000 equivalent to $30.77 per hour.
  • The highest salaries for entry-level workers were recorded in Montana (6.13 percent), Wisconsin (6.08%) and Utah (6.04 percent) since January 2022.
  •  The lowest growth was in Alaska (0.39 percent) as well as Vermont (1.78 percent) in the same time frame.
  • Nationally, from January. 1st, 2022, salaries at entry level increased by 3.37 percent.

Salary of Plumbers Ranges by Experience 

Entry Level

10th $35,700 $17.16
50th $49,100 $23.61
90th $64,000 $30.77


10th $47,300 $22.74
50th $59,500 $28.61
90th $74,100 $35.63


10th $51,300 $24.66
50th $64,000 $30.77
90th $78,800 $37.88

With a vast collection of over 2,000 reputable compensation surveys, this database encompasses all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The figures specifically represent base salaries, aged to January 1, 2022, and do not incorporate additional benefits.

Best-Paying Cities for Plumbers

Best-Paying Cities Average Annual Salary
San Jose, California $96,870
Vineland, New Jersey $92,380
San Francisco, California $92,000
Chicago, Illinois $89,790
Anchorage, Alaska $89,680

Best-Paying States for Plumbers

Best-Paying States  Average Annual Salary
Illinois $87,980
Alaska $86,820
New Jersey $84,150
New York $83,410
Massachusetts $82,020

What Does a Plumber Do?

What Does a Plumber Do

They are essential in installing and taking care of water and waste pipes. They repair and maintain these indispensable parts of our daily life. They are responsible not only for installation but all maintenance work as well

This includes stuff like the washing machine, dishwasher, toilet bowl, or sink–they’ll even fix your bathtub if it leaks. They often work alongside other tradesmen and construction workers. This is common practice in residential construction and renovation projects. 

Here are a few common duties that they take care of:

  • Plumbing Problems: Find out what’s wrong with drainage systems and water pipes.
  • Fitting and Fixing: Properly outfitting your kitchen and bathroom with new fixtures.
  • Unblocking Drains: Using a variety of tools to clear blockages from pipes and clogs in toilet bowls.
  • Equipment Use: For inspecting plumbing systems, they must know the usage of such devices as a pressure gauge or vacuum gauge.
  • Client Relations: Offering countermeasures to customers or providing prices and explaining the nature of the problem succinctly.

Key Skills for Plumbers

They must complete the required training and licensing, in addition to possessing the following skills to make themselves effective in their work:

  • Physical Endurance: To lift heavy tools and equipment he must be physically capable.
  • Communication Abilities: Whether it’s discussing pricing with customers or explaining issues, good oral communication skills are important.
  • Analytical Problem-Solving: They often confront numerous choices amidst tough situations. Find out how to troubleshoot effectively.
  • Practical Problem-Solving: Efficient problem-solving requires the ability to identify plumbing sources and devise effective solutions.
  • Listening: Users may not know plumbing work, so plumbers must listen carefully to what people tell them and see where the root lies.

These are the abilities he needs to handle complex situations in plumbing work. He can make them work for the customer in his individualized way.

Plumbing Vs Other Professions’ Salary

On January 1, 2023, a comprehensive study analyzing national figures from on salary differences between plumbers, electricians, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanics examined job-market differentials for each profession.

Plumber versus Electrician

Comparing entry-level salaries, an entry-level plumber commands an average annual base salary of $49,100. In comparison, newly hired electricians earn a little more: a median salary of $53,600. These figures show that in general, apprentice electricians are given better pay.

Plumbing versus HVAC 

In a showdown of starting salaries, plumbers find themselves once again finishing second to HVAC technicians. The median annual base salary at the entry level for a plumber is $49,100, well below that of his counterpart–$52,000 earned by entry-level HVAC technicians. It looks like HVAC technicians start out with a slight edge in terms of pay too.

Earnings Comparison Salaries Grow as Trades Progress 

There are some interesting patterns when looking at various trade groups and how their salaries increase. When plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians move up to the intermediate stage (2-4 years of experience), they usually make 20-25% more. Remember, though, that these are just averages: there may be exceptions; outliers do exist.

7 Influential Factors that Affect Plumber Salary

  1. Qualifications: A 3- to 5-year apprenticeship is required, and certifications, specializations or even becoming a master can bring in more money. Look into what your state requires.
  2. Residence: In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, they generally make a lot, but it just depends on the cost of living. Analyze your situation before making long-distance moves
  3. Specialization: Specialists such as commercial pipe fitters or gas service technicians often make more money than general ones. Getting more education, programs in that specific trade organized by the Craftsmen’s Bureau are far-sighted.
  4. Work Environment: Wages and benefits are based on the employment situation, which always changes. Large plumbing contractors often pay higher wages and better benefits than small businesses. If you work for yourself, you can control your income.
  5. Customer Service: Whether working or independently, servicing customers well is the key to earning more. Highlighting these attributes via punctuality, a clean look, efficiency, and open communication can yield customer satisfaction
  6. Experience: People having 10 years of plumbing experience have a much higher median salary. Shows how important experience is, let alone advanced education.
  7. Efficiency:  How long it takes to finish the job determines the amount you make. Planning schedules, using home service software, and properly completing everyday tasks in an orderly fashion are all aids to proficiency which in turn increases income.

How Much Does Plumber Make: FAQs

What is the highest-paid type of Plumber?

The highest-paid type of plumber iS commercial plumbing, as well as Industrial Piping, earns the top salary.

Can a Plumber become a millionaire?

Plumbers can become millionaires in the long run, if they do hard work and plan strategically.

The Verdict: Could Plumbing Offer You A Golden Ticket?

The answer is: maybe. Across the country, the average plumber in the United States earns a good salary–depending on where he works and his area of expertise. Those with experience can command a higher wage in all areas, including specialization, and profit from the entrepreneurial spirit. If you work well all alone or in a tight group, and like to figure things out, plumbing could be the way to go. It’s a career worth pursuing that keeps cold hard cash flowing.

So there you are! Got your answer to “How much does a plumber make?”. It’s a chance to learn some prime skills, extend aid to help those who are in need, or even become a neighborhood savior like when the pipe burst one night.

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